ananas+ vegan collection

Our ananas+ vegan collection is very special collection to us. We were in the search for a more sustainable fabric and like a destiny we met someone from a company called Ananas Anam. Their founder, an incredible lady, Carmen Hijosa had started to develop an eco friendly, cruelty free fabric from the waste of pineapple harvest. The fabric is called Piñatex and it is an innovative, natural textile made from the pineapple leaf fibres. Totally vegan. Natural. Sustainable. And has all those attributes that are important to us. Our ananas+ collection is still very small but we will develop a bigger range. Our ananas+ SILVER cross body bag is the new addition and we cannot tell you enough how much we love it...We are not sure why would you ever use leather again if the alternative is so outstanding? And one is able to turn waste into something useful! We LOVE IT!

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