This is our Online Journal about World of TAIKKA. Mostly in London. Melbourne. Helsinki.

Welcome to our online journal of things that inspire us, people who move us and places that matter to us. The space will be shared between us, even that Amelia has not agreed to write on it... YET (so for a while it's me hoping that writing in Finglish doesn't matter).
Here at TAIKKA, we are coffee-lovers, crazy about little clutches and long summer days. Living half a world apart we are very dependent on Skype too...We speak a lot and loud. Luckily Amelia is a night owl and I have my brain switched on in the morning so it's very often London morning, Melbourne night when we work.
We would love to encourage our readers to go after their dreams, overcome the obstacles that starting your own business puts in front and always enjoy life.

Riikka Juva London TAIKKA Little Friday Clutch handbag independent label
Coffee in London at Core Collective Kensington TAIKKA love  Coffee Love in Core Collective, Kensington, London.

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