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Food- biggest pleasure and treasure in life

As all our products are plant based, I decided to start sharing our favourite plant based recipes. I would like to encourage everyone to cook and eat together! It’s the biggest treasure and pleasure in daily life. I used to love when my grandmother cooked. She spent the whole day in the kitchen and once she came out, the table was full of simple but amazing foods to die for. We all got together around a small round table and time just passed away! After eating we would make a huge pot of tea to digest! Those were good times!

I was not always very much into cooking. But life takes you sometimes to the unexpected ways. In 2006 I found myself in Paris with quite a lot of time in my hands and I don’t know was it the French super markets, butchers, markets, culture but something made me to start cooking a lot…And at home my husband, who is Brazilian, has inherited a very good cooking skills from his mother (who was from Argentina but could cook any cuisine in the world...) and he has been definitely one who lead me into discovering the different tastes, spices and most of all what barbecuing means for a Brazilian. 

I will share some of our family's favourite plant-based meals but I will also ask my friends to come and join us.




Vegan salad

Tomatoes and cucumbers from farmer's market in Fulham, London.

The most delicious GT with blueberries. 


Mushrooms from Finland

Mushroom picking in Puumala, Finland. 

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