For Scarf Lovers

Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I will never leave the house without blue eyeliner, big earrings and a scarf. Winter, summer, hot or cold, I love to wear a scarf. I put scarf even with gym gear- for comfort but will not workout with it...

We just received our new TAIKKA scarves and I am very excited to introduce them. Will do one at the time as they are quite different. The first one is called the Fire Flower. It has a black/grey base with pink and jade flowers. You can match it with anything! I especially like to mix it with patterned clothes. Last week it made it to the Alps and got mixed with ski gear.

You will find some pictures below.

Material 100% cotton, size 135 cm x 135 cm (they are big!), Made in India, price 40£. They are already available online.



Skiing in the Alps and you can wrap yourself in the scarfScarf 100% cotton

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