Celebrating 6 Years of TAIKKA

It's been six years since we decided to start our company and put our ideas into practice. Since the beginning we wanted to create bags for women to make their everyday life more easy-going. So the bags had to be light in weight, easy to clean, carefree towards the weather and functional yet cool and I think we have managed to keep that DNA the same since the beginning.

I am often asked that what is the hardest thing of starting your own company. It is to start- to have the guts to start things, develop your ideas, put your ideas on the table and be your own boss. That is the hardest thing because you need discipline, thick skin, you need to take responsibility and then you need to create. Create and also put things forward on the days that you feel tired and lazy. Because if you don't move the business forward, nobody else will.

I was going through old photos (I will put them below so you can follow the journey too) and I felt so thankful for the people who have been with us. We have been so lucky with gorgeous friends who have modeled for us, sisters who have helped us, husbands who have supported us but most of all customers who have bought from us and most of them returned. So thank you!

We are working on new things and will bring a new gym back very soon to the market. Something easy-going, light in weight, functional and yet cool. To continue the TAIKKA DNA.


Riikka x

p.s. Next one will be written by Mia, so you can follow TAIKKA life in Melbourne too.


Working and pushing the pram...

The Little Friday has been in the collection since the beginning!

Our stunning neighbour and a bag that got sold out straight away...

Testing samples

Oh London <3

There have been days when kids couldn't take a bath....

LOVE this girl and could never operate without her!

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